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⚡ DO YOU ⚡is an exclusive online coaching circle for women who are ready to prioritize their lives according to what you WANT - not what you should be doing. Join us!



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Who is DO YOU for?

Women who are ready to be unapologetically themselves! Who are done with "should". Who are ready to stand for their truth + trust their inner guidance system, so they can live in a deeply fulfilled way.

How is DO YOU going to help me? 

No more putting off what you want. You'll be joining a community of passionate women keeping each other accountable and inspired everyday! You'll have weekly live Q+A calls with Michelle, life-changing assignments, daily check-ins, empowerment rituals, an accountability sister and more!

Schedule a 1:1 call with Michelle to discover the power of DO YOU + see if you're ready to join us!

Who is Michelle K.? 👋🏼

Michelle Keinan is a successful wellness multi-preneur, healer, power guide, community builder, speaker, and is sharing inspiring conversation with visionary women on her Radically Selfish podcast. 

After 10+ years in marketing (a safe, lucrative career that made her family happy), Michelle decided to honor her inner-guidance system and live a fully empowered life according to her own desires - and she has since taught hundreds of others to do the same. She is a certified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method as well as Pantarei Approach, and a Level 1 NLP Coach. Her mission to change the possibility paradigm for other healers led to the founding of City Wellness Collective—a members-only community of exceptional wellness practitioners.  

What Michelle's Clients Have to Say

"So worth the cost and commitment. I’m one of those people who tries a lot of new stuff, remaining skeptical each time. I was also a talk therapy recipient for years... so I wasn’t sure what we going to cover that I hadn’t talked about a gazillion times.  

Turns out Michelle is a total divine blessing. Her work isn’t just about cash and prizes... this is about organically and effectively upleveling self-worth. Our work together also healed core wounds that talk therapy wasn’t even touching. Michelle’s work has created seismic shifts in the way I take care of myself, and she has helped me shed worn-out ways of looking at things that were holding me back. She works magic, and she teaches people how to tap into their own juicy, powerful manifestation magic. She has offered incredible support and guidance that allows me to be the best version my myself. Michelle is an amazingly talented healer and coach; I’m forever grateful for our work together.  

I got more out of a 3 month process with Michelle than I did with a lifetime of therapy."


"I can only recommend this experience!!! It has been one of the most intense and rewarding processes of my life (and I have done a lot of transformation and healing work). I have gained an incredible access to my confidence in what I do and deeply trusting in the worth of my work and me deserving to be paid well. I learned to talk about myself differently. I learned to celebrate. And to choose to step up for myself again and again.  

I trust myself, trust all the learning I have done (with and before Michelle), trusting my process, trusting that I can do it all...I am excited for all the learning still to come, and thanks to the work with Michelle I know its going to be epic, because I choose it to be so!  

Michelle is an incredible guide, deeply trusting in your power, even if you are so tangled up that you can't see it. She will demand you to see the greatness that she sees in you - and she is so creative and skilled in doing that! I started finding and listening to deep dreams I had - things that were in my heart for so long, but I did not dare entertain - and now, I am doing them ALL."


"I came to a deep realization that I didn't even dare to dream and this needed to change. Working with Michelle is a choice to walk the bridge from repression to expression. I've taken the bold move to claim exactly what I want. Say it. Reach for it. I share my honest truth in a new way. And I feel the weight of old wound released. It's wild.  

I felt the earth rumble. Years of squashed feelings have been released. A deep knowing that I was speaking my truth - and as of 3 days ago I'm totally free of the meds.  

I showed up to share my honest truth in a new way. Feed my wild fire. Learn how to experience increased pleasure. Keep creating a life I am dripping WET for Show up authentically as the number 1 in my relationship with myself --- which means total truth telling. I demand fully what I'm worth."